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HPE Apollo 4530 Review Discussion

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The HPE Apollo 4500 Series is a remarkable platform geared specifically to popular large-scale software development projects, including the likes of Cloudera, Scality and Ceph. At its core, the Apollo 4500 mixes the benefits of JBOD storage with local compute resources. What makes the 4500 Series unique, though, is while other vendors might position a single server with vast storage resources or an HA JBOD with two servers, HPE covers that swath and takes it a step further with the 4510 (one node), 4520 (two nodes) and 4530 (three nodes) models. This offers exactly what the object storage guys want depending on how they configure their platforms. This unique design comes down to the object-store replica demand, where users build around the need of one, two or three replicas when chosing their level of storage resiliency.


HPE Apollo 4530 Review

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