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Dell EMC VxRack Node ScaleIO Review: Wrap-Up Discussion

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Doing a summary wrap-up review is somewhat unusual for us, as we generally try to condense a review into a couple of pieces or less. However, Dell EMC's ScaleIO made us rethink that process, ultimately because a condensed review clearly wouldn't have done the system justice. The deployment is simply so flexible that testing that would normally take a few weeks, took much longer. As such, we decided to publish content as we completed it in order to get the information and results out as soon as possible. Our ScaleIO story is not over though. With the Dell acquisition, we're already in talks to explore ScaleIO further by testing the new Dell EMC ScaleIO Ready Nodes, with an emphasis on resiliency (which we ran out of time for this round) and new application tests. 


Dell EMC VxRack Node Powered By ScaleIO Review: Wrap-Up

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