which 8 or 6 tb hdd for low noise, high performance & reliability

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for 8 tb sg claims 25/26 db while wd claims 20/29 db

anyone can compare noise of sg 8tb nas for idle/seek with sg 8tb desktop and wd 8tb red (5400 rpm)

or any 6 tb drive better than these ones?

thanks in advance

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Which drive models exactly are you comparing in your specs above?

I've got multiple copies of Seagate Desktop HDD 8TB units in (ST8000DM002) in several desktops here and I can't notice the noise at all, I would assume a similar situation with any of their competitors from WD, Toshiba, or HGST.

However my labs and working areas are not the quietest, so it's hard for me to make a true comparison as to how noisy or not noisy they are if you have sensitive ears.


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