Dell 0K1TV Adaptec ASR-78165

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I just found this forum and signed up.  A lot of great information to be had here!

I came across a Dell 0K1TV Adaptec ASR-78165 raid controller with the AFM-700 battery.  Can these Dell controllers work on my non-Dell system with a ASUS motherboard?



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Hard to say without giving it a shot first. Firmware may also be a problem if the software expects to see it installed on Dell hardware.

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Hi Kevin,

I found a review at the bottom of the eBay page and apparently this will work with non-Dell hardware. It's quoted below.


While this is a Dell OEM item, it is working great in my home server that is running a standard UEFI Bios with legacy compatibility. Does not run on Ubuntu Server 16.04 at this time, but is up and running on 14.04.04. You will need to install drivers and utilities as root, but other than that its a solid card. Only been up and running for around 24 Hrs, but so far it's great.

Here is the link if anyone is interested.  These are brand new cards with the battery backup.

Dell 0K1TV Adaptec ASR-78165 24-Channel SAS/SATA RAID Controller 6GB/s w AFM-700


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