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fio Benchmark Performance Question

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Hi, I have a Xeon server with 3 Intel SSDs connected to a RAID controller with RAID disabled (basically acting as a buffer). I've tried testing the throughput using the fio utility with the following settings where X on numjobs I vary from 1, 2, and 4:





When I run this test with numjobs=1 (1 thread/disk), I see throughput of 120MB/s to each disk. However, when I use 2 and 4 threads, the throughput of 2 of the disks drop to 100 and 90MB/s while the first disk always stays at 120MB/s. Nothing else is running on this machine that is using up the disks or CPU that I can see. I will have an application on this machine where multiple cores write to the same disk since they'll be CPU-bound, but these results are not encouraging. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can do to improve the results or possibly run different tests?

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