Anyone experience with adapter for M.2 SSD to 12+16 macbook pro?

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Hi everyone,

As a newbie with SSD technique I have a question regarding upgrade of my Macbook pro retina 13 inch (early 2015). I want to upgrade to 512 GB but that will cost me around $500 for a samsung 12+16 pin SSD for the macbook. This is what's inside right now.

Instead I want to buy the SM951 PCIe SSD NHCI (this one) for around $280 and a NGFF M.2 SSD adapter for macbook pro (this one)


Do you have any experience using such an adapter? What would you advise me?


Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated!


Cheers, Cos

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Hey Cos_NL,

I'm launching an e-shop here in France proposing these SSD alternatives for Macbook Air & Macbook Pro. I'm still testing and validating some parts.

I wanted to try that PCI-e adapter too.

Did you try the solution you mentioned ?

How did it go, did it worked well? Did you have firmware issues as continuum said ?


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Hey! I'm using samsung 850 evo m.2 250GB and aliexpress 9$ adapter for my MBA 13' 2011. My ssd is writing 530+mbs and reading 500+mbs now instead of 150 and 200mbs with native one. And yes, 6 years ais a big age for ssd, but still. Now all the websites, video, even the hardest ones are playing and loading instantly!

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