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Samsung Introduces 64-Layer V-NAND & A 32TB SAS SSD

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Not only is data growing at a rapid rate, Big Data, cloud computing, and real-time analysis are all clamoring to take up capacity and take a toll on performance. Samsung is helping customers address these issues with the introduction of its 4th generation V-NAND. With the latest generation of V-NAND, Samsung was able to stack 30% more layers of cell-arrays, up to 64 from 48. This means a single-die density can be as high as 512Gb with an IO speed of 800Mbps. Samsung claims these new solutions will be able to accommodate enormous amounts of data, and extremely high-speed information processing, while enhancing the TCO for data centers.


Samsung Introduces 64-Layer V-NAND & A 32TB SAS SSD

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