Squid PCI Express Carrier board: PCIe 2.1 x16, 4 x M.2

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> Any idea if a PCI-e 3.0 version is in the works?

I haven't contacted the manufacturer with that good question.

I believe they are located in Canada.

The x16 edge connector is what we've been harping on for years.

Here's some math to chew on, using PCIe 2.0 specs:

x16 lanes @ 5G / 10 bits per byte = 8 GB per second max upstream bandwidth

(using the 8b/10b legacy frame: 1 start bit + 8 data bits + 1 stop bit)

(Their documentation reverses "upstream" and "downstream":

we prefer to use "upstream" to refer to the channels

between the x16 socket and the motherboard chipset.)

With your suggestion to upgrade to PCIe 3.0, then:

x16 lanes @ 8G / 8.125 bits per byte = 15.75 GB/second max upstream bandwidth

(using the 128b/130b jumbo frame: 130 bits / 16 bytes = 8.125 bits per byte)

The latter hardware will be ideal for 4 x PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSDs:

4 @ x4 = x16 (an elegant symmetry)

Now for PCIe 4.0's 16GHz clock:

x16 lanes @ 16G / 8.125 bits per byte = 31.50 GB/second max upstream bandwidth

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Did you see this paragraph about the temps?

"What about heat? We ran our storage stress test (constant recycling Blackmagic Disk Speed Test for several minutes). The sensors of the four SM951 AHCIs reported high temperatures of 158F, 160F, 158F, and 165F. Those are right at or just above the recommended maximum of 158F by Samsung. But those temperatures are significantly lower than the 174F reported when the SM951 AHCI was mounted on other M.2 PCIe boards without heatsinks. One reason the Amfeltech Squid board runs cooler is likely due to the method of mounting the SM951 AHCIs that leaves an air gap above and below, allowing the PCIe bay inlet fan to do a better job of keeping the SM951 AHCIs cool."

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