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Low IOPs using LSI adaptor even after firmware update!

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Hello everyone,

I'm getting low random read/write IOPs in between 50-60k (sata 2 speeds), as soon as I plug a SSD back into my motherboards SATA 3 ports I get the advertised speeds. However, Sequential read/write speeds are high across the board, only the IOPs are being affected by this adapter.

GA UD5 x79
Samsung EVO 840/850, 256gb and 500gb
Samsung 840 PRO 500gb

I currently have the latest IT firmware installed (2118it.bin / v20.00.00.00) and the newest driver from 2015 ( opposed to the initial 2009. However, I was told that this is a SAS 2.0 device and I will only get sata 2 speeds. This makes no sense to me, because my sequencial read/writes hover around 550mb, its only the IOPs that are low. Any idea what's going on? My IOPs went from max of 60k to 70k after firmware update, but I should still be getting 90k+

Running out of time to return this thing, my last idea could be that it should be in a PCI 3.0 or 2.0 slot, I've also set Windows power management to performance.


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