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Overprovision on an existing Samsung 840 Evo

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Windows 7

840 Evo, 250 GB#

I have been using this drive for quite a while (2 plus years) and not sure why I did not set up an-unallocated space for the OverProvision and now wondering if I should shrink my partition and thus create an un-allocated partition OR leave all alone.

Per my PC's Disk Management screen, I have 355MB for Data and 232.54 as the main partition. Additionally I have set aside 11.95 GB for System Restore points. leaving about 5 GB unaccounted for - but I understand thats probably a manufacture arrangement.


If I should shrink my C drive, can I use Windows or do I need to buy Partition Magic or similar? If I can use Windows, then how?

Thanks in advance,

PS: I do not do any heavy writing and all documents, photos,etc are on a standard HHD.

The Samsung firmware is EXT0DB6Q

Additionally - Samsung Magician (on the Over Provision screen) is suggesting I enable Windows Disk Defrag.


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No need to shrink anything, simply don't fill your C: fully with data. If you effectively want x% of overprovisioning, make sure your C is always x% empty and that'll be close enough.

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If I ever (and doubt that I will) get within 75 % of used space - would that be a concern?

I have some data on the C drive- but most (including videos, iTunes folder, MP3's, etc) on the back up drive (an HHD).

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