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Upgrade Dell inspiron 15 16GB

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Dear laptop specialists,

I bought months ago this product:

DELL Inspiron 15 5000 series, 5558
Intel Core i7 CPU 2.4 gHz, 16GB RAM, 2Tb HDD

I installed all types of windows (7, 8, 10), boosting programs (AVG, tune-up) and so on.
I have to say that I am completely disappointed.

No matter what windows, what configuration, it is really slow, blocking all the time, even in small apps like office.

I see no performance difference from an ordinary laptop of 200$.

Can anyone tell me:
Is this series of laptop so bad, or I just had bad luck?
Can something be done to make it work fast, or just replacing is the solution?

As I was reading the instructions here around, an SSD is reccomended, but can it be added to the existent HDD or just replaced?. Do you guys think this will make this laptop run fast?

Thanks in advance,

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If you're on the factory Windows load, all the unnecessary pre-installed stuff (AVG, Tune-Up, WildTangent, Spotify, GetStarted, BootGuard, Candy Crush, Music Maker Jam, Phantom PDF, iHeartRadio, Netflix, TripAdvisor, and the other 12849012 utilities that most OEMs like to preinstall on their consumer machines, etc.) all tend to seriously slow down bootup. It's commonly called bloatware by enthusiasts.

Try removing all non-essential programs and see how boot up is.

If you are adding additional programs that claim to "speed up" computers, well, you may actually be slowing down your computer by increasing the amount of unnecessary software installed on it, particularly if said programs start at Windows load.

Also... I don't know what other laptop you are comparing this to, but if both laptops have conventional spinning harddisks and modern CPUs, you're not going to see much of a performance difference, if any, with conventional office tasks.

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