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Super Micro 90 bay chassis

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Hi everyone,

I am currently looking comparing xl60 vs the supermicro's 90 bay chassis listed below in the link.

Currently from what I'm seeing the Supermicro storage box seems to win hands down in terms of price and spec.

Being quite new to enterprise storage i was hoping to get some second opinions from fellow members in terms of what they think.

The read write thoughput is quite important to me and i would be looking at the 8TB and 6TB enterprise level drives (HGST HUS726060AL5210) (WD wd6000fryz)

any feed back would be greatly appreciated.



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I just did a quick check of the warranties for both HDDs:

the WDC drive appears to be a better deal when you

divide price by warranty years:

$386 / 5 = $77.2 per warranty year (SATA)

$433 / 3 = $144 per warranty year (SAS)

The latter SAS drive does have a 12G interface, but

the data rate directly under the READ/WRITE heads

is what matters most with rotating platters.

You may need to examine closely any advantages

that SAS may have over SATA, for your applications.

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p.s. I would also look closely at the advantages of SAS controllers:

although they do not get as much press coverage,

SAS SSDs are now available with a 12G interface; and,

for raw performance reasons, there should be a major speed

difference between SAS HDDs and SAS SSDs.

Google "SAS SSD 12Gb/s"


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If you do contact Supermicro with questions,

see what you can discover about their "AOC-SLG3-4E4R-P"

(Add-On Card).

Some of their website pages add the words "by 16"

and I'm very curious to know if that AOC uses an x16 edge connector.

See the brief discussion about that AOC here:

At find:

Add-on Card / Module AOC-SLG3-4E4R-P 1 NVMe AOC by 16,HF,RoHS/REACH

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