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Addonics ADM2PX4 with GA-H97-Gaming 3

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Can anyone tell me how to setup the bios in the ga-h97-gaming 3 to Recognise Two 950pro attached to two adm2px4.

I have tried just all concievable settings and it still wont recognise the 950pro as usable raid drives.

Would I be right in assuming the raid on this m/b is only for sata type drives and therefore leaving nvme out in the dark.

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Try the "Support" tab


p.s. As far as I know (and I'm not an expert on the subject),

to create a bootable RAID-0 array, these M.2 SSDs

need to be downstream of DMI link.

Intel's RST only works on ports downstream of Intel's DMI link.

Currently, a bootable RAID-0 array is not supported

by PCIe slots wired directly to the CPU.

Also, the Z97 chipset may be somewhat obsolete

for NVMe technology.

BEST WAY is to contact Addonics Tech Support

for the full story.

Hope this helps.

FYI: we've been advocating more U.2 ports

integrated onto PCIe 3.0 motherboards

and/or add-on NVMe RAID controllers with 4 x U.2 ports

e.g. like this:


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