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Xangati Announces New Analytics & Control Platform

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Hybrid-cloud infrastructure can run into unpredictable performance problems and resource inefficiency challenges due to their ability to accommodate multiple applications, a shared or converged physical layer, and a software-defined layer. Administrators have a few ways to monitor their hybrid-cloud infrastructure for issues: conventional monitor solutions and application performance management (APM) solutions, both of which Xangati feels are inadequate. Xangati’s solution, Xangati ESP for Cloud Infrastructure, maps infrastructure behavior to autonomic controls across traditional silos in real time and analyzes impacts to virtual application performance, efficiency and delivery to optimize the end-user quality of experience across any compute platform from private to hybrid cloud. Xangati’s ESP offers self-healing support for new compute environments, new storage and networking data sources, and enhanced visibility into VDI end-user metrics, spanning a range of software dashboard modules for Virtual Infrastructure, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Virtual Applications.

Xangati Announces New Analytics & Control Platform

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