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Slow Drive Speeds with HP Smart Array E200

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I have a an HP DL380 G7 server with a HP smart array P410i raid card.
I have attached a single 2tb SATA samsung hard drive and created a raid 0 array with the single drive.
I have ran some disk benchmarks on this drives and i Get 130MBps read and only 10MBps write speeds.
What could be the problem?
If i take the same drive and put it inside a regular desktop i get much 100MBps write speeds.
Why cant i get the same speed from the raid controller?

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What block sizes are you using and seeing these results?

Seeing 100MB+ writes on a 7200rpm SATA disk (or a 5400rpm one for that matter) are only going to be with large sequential transfers, so would be curious if you're using smaller block sizes for some reason and not realizing it?

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