EMC VxRack Node powered by ScaleIO Review Discussion

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EMC has taken an interesting approach with their ScaleIO software stack compared to other HCI players in the market. At first glance one might look at the offering as a basic HCI kit, with minimal rich data services and an over-simplified management suite. That is one of the biggest mistakes you can make though, as under the covers EMC's ScaleIO offering gives users an incredible amount of flexibility paired with the utmost attention to detail given to minimizing system overhead. Many HCI buyers are used to the traditional HCI deployment model such as VSAN or Nutanix where VMs reside on a given platform, consuming storage and compute off the same hardware. ScaleIO can operate like that, or if buyers want to follow a more traditional two-layered approach, ScaleIO can serve out storage across an IP-based network to virtualized and physical hosts alike. All of this comes at a price... which is surprisingly highly competitive against AFA or Hybrid SANs and other HCI kits.

EMC VxRack Node powered by ScaleIO Review

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