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Synology Network Video Recorder NVR216 Review Discussion

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The NVR216 was designed by Synology to serve offices and small retail stores that desire a comprehensive surveillance solution with straightforward usability and a small energy footprint. Although all of Synology's NAS units can also run Surveillance Station, the NVR216 is more specialized for surveillance, providing up to 4 IP cameras (or up to 9 IP cameras if the 9CH model is purchased) with 720p/30FPS streaming per channel. No PC is needed for use of the NVR216; users can simply connect its 1080p HDMI output to a monitor and a keyboard and mouse to its USB ports. Future scalability is supported via DX513 expansion unit compatibility, giving users up to 7 drive bays with DX513 purchase. Live footage and recordings can both be viewed either on a monitor or remotely via Synology's DS cam mobile app. The DS cam mobile app can also send users notifications if suspicious activity is detected or if a camera is disconnected.

Synology Network Video Recorder NVR216 Review

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