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Trion 100 dead, b/o known Issue with old FW; Can I still upd FW?

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My 480GB OCZ Trion 100 with FW 11.1 doesn't react anymore. Meanwhile I found a German article which describes that FW 11.2 fixes an issue with FW 11.1. The issue is described as that the drive doesn't answer anymore after ongoing heavy I/O load.

If I leave the SSD in my PC windows 7 won't come up anymore.

If I put the SSD in a USB3 case it won't be recognized.

I create the UEFI USB stick and started the SSD Guru. I could see the SSD and start the update but it always fails.

Triggering a full erase in SSD Guru also failed.

Can I get this fixed myself or do I need to do an RMA?

Data isn't important. I bought it 4 month ago.

the German article ist here: Sorry I couldn't get a google translate link.

What should I do?

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If the drive will not respond (leave it plugged in as a secondary drive up to a few hours to see if it pops up) then you really need to RMA it at that point.

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