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Memblaze PBlaze4 AIC NVMe SSD Review Discussion

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The Memblaze PBlaze4 is an enterprise-grade SSD, with the 6.4TB FHHL AIC version being the company's flagship project. The PBlaze4 has NVMe over PCIe interface and it is offered in both HHHL and FHHL (as well as 2.5") and rungs from 800GB to 6.4TB in capacity. We tested the 3.2TB HHHL version in this review, whereas the 2.5" version we reviewed previously ranked quite well and closely matched the performance profile of its AIC brother. Being offered in various form factors gives customers flexibility when chosing which one might best fit a given platform. If hot-swappability or integration into a newer server that offers front-mount access is possible, the 2.5" models offer some advantages. If the server doesn't support 2.5" NVMe SSDs, AICs are favorable being compatible with nearly all modern servers.

Memblaze PBlaze4 AIC NVMe SSD Review

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