Disk keeps getting offline in WIndows10

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I used to have 256gb 'boot' ssd + 2x3TB HDD Windows Storage spaces in parity mode.

I deleted a Windows storage spaces virtual volume (was set to parity), took out one of the drives and partitioned the remaining drive with a simple ntfs volume.

Now the drive keeps getting offline and the only way to reconnect is to use the command line diskpart tool or reboot.

I suspect this is something to with the HDD still having the same ID as the old Windows Storage spaces had or something similar to that or a sign of an actual hardware issues (faulty hdd, faluty cable).

How do I properly reset the HDD, do you also think that this may signal some sort of hardware issue with the drive as well.

SMART seems to be ok, even when drive is offline.


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I have had this issue when running drives mirrored with storage spaces, and then later separated them.

What happens is that both drives has the same drive ID, open disk manager and you can se something like that.

What exactly i did to fix it im unsure of, but windows got confused about the drive states when they appeared identical in disk manager.

So this is 100% a software issue. Make sure you delete both drives from spaces, and check disk manager if they are mirrored there.

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Are you showing a signature collision or something else?


If it's a signature collision you can use DISKPART from the command line to change the signature.

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