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megaRAID removed drives, can't find them again when added

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Hi guys I have three raid arrays RAID1 RAID1 RAID5

I removed the drives in the second raid1 and the ones of raid5. the system is installed on the first raid1.

I booted the system.

then powered off.

then added the drives again.

then powered on. and now I can't see them anymore.

am I so dumb for doing that? how do I fix it?

I tried accessing webBIOS but I can't. it doesn't prompt me with the ctrl-h screen, even if press anyway it just boots straight to ubuntu.

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Weirdest trick for getting into LSI BIOS on a consumer motherboard - set the board to boot from CD first, even if there is no CD drive. Then Ctrl-H might actually work. So simple and seems pointless, but it has saved me hours since finding the trick recently. Also it seems like you have to jackhammer keys when trying to access BIOSes these days. Lock one hand down on Control and hammer the H with the other hand!

My guess is the card BIOS needs you to confirm the order of the arrays it is re-importing, and hopefully then you will be able to see them again. Your OS may need them reimported as well, as it may have marked the disks offline.

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