New NAS Drives / Dead Seagate?

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Hi all,

Couple different topics here.

I currently have a Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 4+ which has been fantastic for the past 2-3 years or so. No issues with the NAS. I currently have the trusty WD Caviar Black drives in it (WD2002FAEX). No issues there either!

On another note, I had purchased two Seagate ST2000DM001 Barracuda drives almost 2 years ago. I use these for casual media storage (I do a lot of AV editing work). Today I was transferring files off of one to put it in a newly rebuilt desktop. I unplugged the drive to jockey some data around and when I plugged it back in, I just got buzzing sounds. After more research, it seems these drives have a high failure rate. I bought them based on their rave reviews, performance, and price. The unfortunately thing about reviews is you can't tell reliability until people have had them a while.

That made me decide I don't want to use the other one that still works very much, so much that I'm willing to make it a donor to repair the other one. So I opened up the defective drive, and gently reseated the head. Now it spins up, clicks a few times, then spins down. Crap. I know chances of getting this data back myself are slim but I can't afford $300+ for data recovery, especially when I can't even remember what specifically is on this drive. It could be Blu-ray ISOs for discs I own for all I know and paying for that recovery would be silly.

In any case, back to topic 1. I'm going to need some more drives to replace this (these) Seagates. My thought right now is to put new drives in the ReadyNAS, and use the drives out of it as my loose drive storage. These drives I want to be fast, and I know Caviar Blacks are. I have probably 30+ loose hard drives with archived data on it. I see no reason to make the NAS extra large and put data on it that's archived... Data that is archives is put on a drive and then powered on and on a shelf so it's not spinning.

So back to the NAS drives. I'm considering the WD Red drives WD30EFRX. I know these are 5400 RPM, but does that even matter when 4x are in RAID5 and it is only access on gigabit LAN? My primary concern with the ReadyNAS is data reliability. I don't keep archival stuff on there but I do no want to loose it.

Thoughts or tips would be appreciated!

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I would grab Seagate NAS, HGST Deskstar NAS, or WD Red/Red Pro (Red Pro are 7200rpm, Red are 5400rpm)... I don't think you'd generally see any real-world performance benefit from 7200rpm disks so grab whatever's cheapest.

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Agreed that cheapest NAS drive is probably your best bet. We can see a difference in the spindle speed when benchmarking, but practically speaking, you won't notice when you load up an image or video file on your iPhone remotely. Even within the network it's hard to justify increased cost directly related to spindle speed in your case.

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