What SSD for El Capitan Mac with Trim enabled?

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I know very little about Mac's, but inherited a 2008 iMac from a coworker with a dead drive. I've got the thing up and running with an old drive. I want to put a new SSD in it with about 500gb of storage.

Does anyone make software than runs under Mac OS that will update the firmware if needed?

Any suggestions for a drive that is compatible with TRIM? I have read the Crucial and Samsung drives have problems (they are usually my go to drives!)

Thank you in Advance

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For Mac I would visit otherworldcomputing

You will also need a temp sensor other wise the fans will run at full speed all the time


1.you will need the temp sensor

2.3.5 inch to 2.5 adapter

3.any ssd of your choosing will work

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I respectfully disagree with some of your response.

You don't need a temp sensor, at least for my 2008, I just use the one I have

OWC sells a NewerTech AdaptaDrive bracket that works great for $15

I have a mx100 installed now and there is a whole thread on the crucial website how they are not compatible with TRIM. People are waiting for a firmware update.

Is a Evo 850 safe to use?

Does any manufacturer make a firmware update that runs under Mac OS?

Whatever drive I purchase, I would like to buy one that has a way to upgrade the firmware in Mac OS without having to strip the drive out of the computer, which is not a benign thing in a 2008 iMac

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I don't worry much about TRIM but that Macs come with Samsung and Toshiba drives more often than not, no I'd be shocked if there's a major compatibility issue. I'd just leave the Crucial in there to be honest.

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