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Most reliable method to connect internal HD externally?

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Hi guys,

I was wondering what is the most reliable way to connect an internal Hard Disk externally via USB with the best chance your PC to detect the HD?

1. USB to SATA Adapter

2. USB External Enclosure

3. USB Docking Station

Assuming all 3 are made with good quality (not poor and not excellent), which one of the 3 has the best chance to detect the HD?

Thanks in advance.

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All three are exactly the same odds. What matters more is the quality of the chipset used inside-- and all three you buy could use exactly the same SATA to USB bridge chip inside.

Hell most USB "docking stations" actually can be separated from the plastic docking station itself, and used without it.

Honestly if you're buying these from a major vendor such as Amazon or Newegg and the reviews are okay, odds are good it's going to work just fine.

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Thanks continuum,

One person suggested this:

"Just plug the drive directly to the SATA port as you will have way more chances for it to be properly detected and for the error correction to work as it should."

Now I am guessing that he means to directly plug the HD on the motherboard of a desktop PC or a laptop PC.

Maybe I should try this method, maybe I can buy cheaper and basic components to make safe and reliable HD backup storage.

Right now I only have 1 PC - an older laptop with USB 2.0 ports.

Do I need to buy:
1. Desktop case
2. Smallest size possible Motherboard with 2-4 SATA ports (to connect 2-4 HDs)
3. Fan probably
4. Power supply
5. Processor maybe?

I guess I will have to build a basic PC myself to accomplish this.

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I assume the comment made was assuming you already owned a desktop computer. :P

If you don't, well, pick up a SATA to USB adapter or dock and try it-- those are a hell of a lot cheaper than building a computer specifically for this task.

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