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Lite Travel Raid

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Here's my question,

I'm a photographer that will be on a long assignment (1+ years) and need to secure my images.

I'm considering buying a Single enclosure that can hold 2 2.5" drives and using them as Security/Backup to each other.

My plan is to copy my flash drive directly to both drives (no human intervention in selecting each drive).

I need recommendations.

Requirements to me:

* Copy my images one time and lands on both drives

* Powered by USB

* Weight of the unit -- I'll be traveling, backpacking, flying and I can't manage much weight (considering all my camera equipment)

* Drive capacity -- I'll want the largest drives I can manage

About me:

* I'll be using a Mac Air

* Carrying a 50mp camera

* Photo shopping along the way (typical file sizes are 2gb)

* Hand carrying ALL my camera / storage solution onto the plane

Thanks for your help

OH - one last thing

I'd love to use cloud storage but I don't believe I can trust the strength of the network or connection wherever I'll be.

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1. What country are you based in?

2. You mention 50MP so I'm assuming the Canon 5ds. Use the dual cards to your advantage, work them in mirrored mode so all content you shoot goes onto two devices. removable flash is pretty good these days, but is crap in terms of reliability compared to hard drives or SSDs.

3. With weight mentioned and for ease of use, honestly I'd move away from the idea of portable RAID and over to using two slim external USB3 hard drives. Very very compact these days and you also gain the advantage of you drop one and it doesn't ruin the remaining drive you have.

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I'm based in the US -- but once I start my travel my home base will be by the month in different countries.

Canon 5DsR yes - you are correct. Nice camera - killer on the storage. YES I alway's store to both drives in the camera.

#3 -- is there a way (via software) to have the files copy to both drives at one time? I'm trying to minimize my mistakes. If it was a one "button" operation then I reduce the amount of times I messed up.

Thanks for the suggestions

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Would you like to just this unit we reviewed a while back?

You can set it up in mirror software RAID through OSX.

On the automation side I can't think of anything off hand, but being unix based it wouldn't be impossible to make a scripts where you always have files from drive "X" copy to both drives "Y"/"Z"

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