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Largest microSATA SSD, or smallest mSATA to mictoSATA adapter

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I have a requirement for a large capacity 1.8" microSATA SSD (~512GB). However, the largest I can find nowadays are 256GB. mSATA SSDs seem to go larger, but I need it to be in a 1.8" microSATA form factor, which tops out at 5mm height. There is an abundance of mSATA to microSATA adapters out there, but everything I've seen is thicker than 5mm.

So, are there any 1.8" microSATA SSDs out there that are larger than 256GB?

Or, alternatively, are there mSATA to microSATA adapters out there that are 5mm thick or less together with the mSATA SSD?


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