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Toshiba XG3 NVME 1TB M.2 SSD

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So I have gotten my hands on one of these but I have a problem


Asus X99-A bios 1901

G Skill 32GB RAM

I am able to boot with an old samsung 2.5 inch EVO 840 into windows 10, and the new disk is recognised by windows and I can even format and transfer data to it, but it is not recognised in the Bios and I cannot run Easeus disk copy to block-copy my old drive to it, despite manipulating the CSM compatibility modes etc. anyone have any idea?

Even with my old SM 951 AHCI 512GB, it is intermittently recognised.




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Given that's the case, then it's pretty hard to support an unsupported device ;)

I'd guess some sort of driver irregularity.

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