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2 x 500GB SATA SSD RAID-0 on z87 worth it now?

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The prices of older SATA SSD have really gone down now.

I have a RAID-1 of 2x 3TB HDDs as scratch storage for Steam games, mp3s, ripped movies etc

I am not even getting close to 1TB - lot's of games installed that I haven't played for a couple of years so I could go even lower, but 1TB is a convenient size where I won't have to worry about what to keep.

I am really tempted to get 2 x 'cheap' 500GB drives and RAID-0 them.

Currently 2 480/500/512GB drives are actually cheaper than a single 1TB one and you get better performance (and way better than HDDs)

I'm not too worried about losing data as I can re download most of the data and for the rest it is backed up in 3 other places.

Altogether it seem like a no-brainer to go ahead and do it.

Any downsides to this?

Obviously with m2 SSD already available this is not very future proof, but to get advantage of m2, I would need to change the motherboard and the CPU etc so not really feasible.

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Sure, you can snag older SSDs, or even newer ones that are value-segment targeted, Micron has a few or the EVO series from Samsung would work. I don't love RAID0 for a variety of reasons but so long as you don't mind the PITA factor of rebuilding, then sure, it's a viable solution. Doesn't sound like you really need the performance enhancement but I'm sure you'll notice a difference.

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