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Reviews on Hgst Deskstar Nas 5TB

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Anyone got an opinion on why not to buy hgst 5TB 0S03836 H3IKNAS500012872SE ?

I can't find any reviews on the net on these drives and thought perhaps people were staying away from buying them.

Any comment welcome.

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That's out of the regular Deskstar NAS line, so reviews on the larger and smaller models should still be relevant.

Any idea how pricing compares to the larger and smaller models in the line in terms of cost per GB/TB?

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At Newegg right now:

Deskstar NAS (0S03664) 4TB - $169.99
Deskstar NAS (0S03835) 5TB - $237.99

Deskstar NAS (0S03839) 6TB - $273.99

$42.49/TB, $47.59/TB, and $45.66/TB respectively.

From what I can see on reviews, the 4TB model came out first and was top of the range, so it got reviewed. I'm speculating (heavily speculating :P ) that the 5TB and 6TB models came out the same time, and hence as the top of the line, the 6TB got reviews as it was top of the line.

Pretty common really-- SR used to do the same thing back in the day, with finite time and resources reviewing only the top capacity drive makes sense, and performance on smaller harddisks is usually pretty similar to the bigger ones.

As far as buying or not buying them, I suspect (again) due to timing the 4TB's got used a ton as they were the largest available, and then the same thing happened to the 5TB and 6TB-- as the largest available, 6TB's get purchased and only in very limited price-sensitive situations do the 5TB ones make sense (and in that case, where price is an issue, the even cheaper per TB 4TB disks might make even more sense...).

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Thanks for you comments continuum - I decided to go for 5 deskstar nas 4TB 0S03665 instead as they has proven to be reliable, was unsure about the 5TB version as I didn't want another seagate 3TB disaster.


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I also kept the 4 TB NAS after testing the 5 and 6 TB NAS version. Also a disaster with a Seagate 3 TB (ST3000DM001) here.

In the ranking of the German computer magazine CHIP the HGST 5 TB NAS is No. 4 of the best hard drives testet, the 6 TB is No. 3.

But there is one issue you normally do not find in reviews of these drives.

It is the background media scan (BMS) which comes with the 6 TB and the 5 TB version of these HGST NAS drives and can clearly be heard (I tested them both). Just google for "background media scan blog.disksurvey" to get further information.

In my opinion the BMS is a very important feature and should be mentioned (although even HGST does not mention it in the official specification) because on the one hand (positive) it obviously means more reliability of the drive, on the other hand (negative) BMS means a constant kind of klicking-sound every round about 5 seconds (!). How can this sound be described? Well, I would say a kind of short hiccup. Sounds like a mixture of a very short “trk” and “krik” and “kruk”. On Youtube there are some videos where you can hear it (for example look for “Hitachi HGST 6TB DeskStar NAS HDN726060ALE610 IDLE NOISE”; you also can search for the random access noise).

Because of this sound I asked HGST’s support if there is something wrong with my disk. This then was the first time I heard of BMS. They said the klicking-sound comes from the active BMS doing its scan work and normally only should be there when the disk is in idle. But in my case both the 6 TB and the 5 TB version had this “hiccup” in idle AND when working. The latter – due to HGST – may (!) be a hint that something is not o.k. with the disk.

So I had do decide if my disk is o.k. and if I want this “hiccup” every round about 5 seconds. In my opinion it would be o.k. when the drive is in work anyhow. But in idle?

I have a big tower casing which has a fairly good noise isolation (I want a NAS drive in my desktop system because of the obvious higher reliability of these drives). To be honest, I have to concentrate to hear the klicking-sound of the BMS when the doors of my casing are closed. But it is there, and when you hear it it becomes annoying. May be (!) you don’t hear it when you are busy with your work.

I also tried the 4 TB version of the HGST NAS drives. I don’t know if they also have BMS. At least there was nothing to hear, so I gave the bigger versions back and kept the 4 TB, although the 4 TB has not the performance of the bigger versions (especially the 6 TB drive). And by the way, after having bad experiences with Seagate (crash of a ST3000DM001) and looking at the experiences Backblaze has with HGST (just goolge "Backblaze HGST") I will give HGST a try.

Another thing to mention is the temperature. In my closed big tower casing, without any special cooling of the drive and in a room with 19 degree Celsius the 5 TB version showed 40 degree Celsius in idle and 55 degree Celsius after half an hour of constant copy-work (I really tried to get the disk busy). I think the 6 TB version will surely not be cooler. The 4 TB version showed 52 degree Celsius. Due to HGST up to 60 degree Celsius are o.k. But anyhow: Theses drives seem to be a radiator in a desktop system, so that you may get additional noise by your fans which try to cool the system down. Although I have to admit that I don't know what other drives with 7200 rpm will have.

(Sorry by the way for my English, but I’m not a native speaker.)

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