Looking to increase capacity in a Dell EQL environment

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We are currently utilizing a PS4100 with 24x 600GB 10k SAS drives for our VMware environment with 4x Dell R610 hosts (vSphere 5.1). We're running into storage capacity constraints, and require some additional low-iops capacity (long term file storage, bulk media storage for infrequently accessed files, etc)

I'm curious what others would recommend for a cost effective solution. We would like the hardware to be new, and covered under maintenance. Another Eqallogic array may be prohibitive cost wise (the space is being resold so cost/GB/month is a factor), but I am curious about the FS series NAS arrays that can have their storage mounted over the PS array and managed through SANHQ.

Any suggestion on what I should be looking at?

Last 30 days, as you can see, very low iops, small spikes during backup storm at night


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Didn't really mention it, but are you looking at block-only pains or something more unified? The low-end market has had some awesome additions this past year (25k AFA from Dell, VNXe gear from EMC, strong DotHill/MSA arrays) which are super targeted, but if you fit one of their arrays that offer excellent value in their own way.

Few questions:

Does it need to remain iSCSI-only? Any FC in your environment?

What budget are you working with and what are the current storage needs?

How fast are your storage needs growing?

Are you still sticking with Dell or looking at the open market?

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