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Good morning everyone!

I have currently got a few TB of data sitting on my home desktop with little in the way of backups, redundancy or availability. I am looking at purchasing a NAS to fix all of the above. The data is a mixture of Office documents, pictures, music, videos, and other random file data.

Some questions on NAS and drive selection:

  • From a brief look around the various reviews and manufacturer sites, it seems the DS215+ would be a good choice of NAS. Would anyone have any other recommendations (maybe the DS713+ or something QNAP)?
  • Does SHR (Synology Hybrid Raid) allow the creation of volumes on a NAS with different RAID protection levels? Some of the data on the NAS will need drive redundancy, however other data is not so critical and I am more than happy to store them with no protection.
  • With regards to drives, I am looking at WD Reds (4-5TB), however would anyone consider WD Red Pros worthwhile for the above setup?
  • My wireless router only has a single GB port, with multiple 100mb ports. Would connecting the NAS to two 100mb ports have much effect on performance?

Thanks in advance for any assistance with these questions!

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On the hybrid RAID, its main draw is it makes it easier to mix drives of varying capacity and get the most protected storage from it. It doesn't help with only waiting like 500GB of RAID1 and 1000GB of non-RAID storage though.

For a smaller build I'm not sure the switch to Red Pro makes a ton of sense. I'd personally sink that cost difference in larger drives or additional drives.

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If you're under 6TB (and don't plan to grow to more than that in the near future) then a 2-bay NAS probably makes the most sense.

Teaming might help, but given you won't be overly bus limited I wouldn't stress about it too much. Plus you'd also want to team your desktop's NICs (or buy a second NIC to enable teaming) to properly benefit...

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