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Adding an SSD questions for my MSi GT60 laptop(already with HDD)

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Hello, I need help and confirmation on knowledge I have researched from sites before buying an SSD for my MSi GT602OD Dominator(
I have a 1 TB HDD installed right now, but I want to add an SSD in another bay, a Samsung 500 gig SSD(

1. Will the Samsung SSD work in the msi gt60?
2. Do I need to buy a mounting kit and cable accessory in order to install and use the SSD? (Didn't need them when replacing a HDD)
3.I have Windows 8.1 OS already installed, do I need to order a Windows 8 CD to install for the SSD drive?
4. Will BSODs(blue screen of death) possibly occur?
5. Will I be able to install it myself by watching a youtube installation video?
6. Can I use BurnRecovery to add data to the SSD?
7. Will I lose data on my main HDD when I install the SSD?

Clarification, Super Raid 2 is available, but I will not be enabling RAID.

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1. No reason it should not.


Based on this image, you should just need a bracket. They have them online, but they are somewhat expensive:

You can get away with foam + screws from a local shop, but it is not ideal especially if you move the notebook around a lot.

3-7. Ideally, using a clean 8.1 iso is ideal, but finding one is getting more difficult.

Try the burn recovery software, but make sure you unplug the 1TB before starting the install.

If that fails, look into cloning software. Since you are buying a Samsung you can use Samsung Data Migration(or if you decide to get another drive, there are free programs like Macrium Reflect).

Note: 1) Backup any important data

2) Unplug the 1 TB for first boot after cloning. You don't want any conflicts at the beginning or you could get a BSOD/windows recovery message. After first boot, just restart once to ensure computer still boots up, then shutdown and plug in the 1TB back in.

3) Read the guides online for these software, Make sure to copy all partitions and pay attention to which drive you are cloning too.

3) These software can clone a from large drive to a smaller driver, but I think it works best when go from small to big. If you 1TB is full, clean some stuff off or move it temporarily to another computer/external driver/online backup source.

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