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Plextor M6 Pro "self-wiped" itself

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A friend of mine had rather nasty adventure recently, where his new Plextor drive (PX-256M6Pro, v. 1.03 fw) literally wiped itself clean after trying to shutdown win7 (which ended with hang - so probably the data was already gone at that moment, then he had to do hard reset). The motherboard on which it happen was ga-z68mx-ud2h-b3 (with latest bios as well).

The disk is completely clean from the beginning to the end as if it was never used - or as if it was spuriously treated with trim commands for its whole area.

I was wondering if anyone experienced anything like that with recent ssd models (maybe some incompatibility with older chipsets ? as the motherboard is not exactly the newest one). Somewhat extensive googling didn't return much - though we found references to very same case on polish hardware forum (http://forum.benchmark.pl/topic/172960-plextor-m6pro-gubi-dane/) and some references to other similar cases (e.g. here).

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One of the unfortunate side effects of dozens of manufacturers trying to rapidly consumerise SSDs - despite all the talk of flash lifetime and wearout, the vast majority of SSD failures still come from controller failures or firmware problems. Samsung recently have been in the news for firmware that randomly erases important data due to a broken implementation of TRIM, so this kind of bug is not unheard of. I've also had an OCZ drive where the controller went tits up and decided to overwrite all my data with gibberish.

Unfortunately I don't know anything about Plextor-related issues but many of these problems are sporadic enough that nobody has any real over-arching view on what drives fail in what ways, other than large data recovery companies that consider it a trade secret. Or maybe Facebook, but they refused to disclose manufacturer information.

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