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Seagate Enterprise Capacity 2TB 2.5” HDD Review

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The third generation Seagate Enterprise Capacity is a 2.5” HDD that is ideal for data centers looking to expand their capacity while keeping their footprint as small as possible. The drive has a maximum capacity of 2TB (though there is a 1TB, 500GB, and even a 250GB model offered). Seagate claims better performance over the previous generation in part through improvements in rotational vibration tolerance and head micro-actuation. The drives also offer flexibility in choice as they come with either 12Gb/s SAS or 6Gb/s SATA interface and the security options of either a SED with Secure Erase technology or a SED FIPS 140-2 model.

Seagate Enterprise Capacity 2TB 2.5” HDD Review

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