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NAS Benchmarking

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I wonder if you could help please. I am trying to benchmark a couple of NAS products and compare their performance.

I have downloaded Intel NAS Performance Toolkit, as all the online forums and searches advise this is a really good product for comparing NAS. However I am pulling my hair out on this one.

The product appears to be discontinued in 2008 and no longer supported. The Intel site advises it only runs on 32bit XP.

Of course in todays age I don't run XP, and don't think I even have an XP install CD anymore.

I have tried the install on Windows 7 Pro 64bit, but it has unusual results. It sometimes loads, sometimes doesn't, and never does it allow the Prepare function for a drive mapped to a NAS product (I have noted the software manual advises to use a mapped drive only). It always advises access denied when trying to Prepare the folders etc for the tests.

It won't install on a Windows 8.1 PC at all.

The only system I can get it to work on is Windows 2008 Server, but then it behaves unusual.

I have spent literally weeks trying to find a suitable replacement for the Intel NAS Peformance Toolkit, but come to a dead end.

Any ideas please?

Thanks, Richard

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Would simple IOMeter runs work for your needs? Not sure at what scale you're trying to test and with what goals.

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