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About hardisk allocation size - best exfat setting for alot of small f

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I got a 4tb desktop hardisk, what allocation size setting should i set for exfat if i have alot of small files.

My files could be millions, small files such text files, website files like html,php,etc, docs.

Current setting allocation size is 1024 kilobytes, I tried transferring 200gb from a external portable hardisk, it take up almost 600gb , that is like 3 times, imagine backing up 2tb hardisk would need 6tb hardisk.

I tried playing with different setting, still did not get a good one (need save space)

Kindly explain and aid in my understanding on the different allocation size, and which is best in my case.

Thank you.

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You've already answered it for yourself-- you neeed to more closely match allocation block size to your file sizes to avoid wasted space.

As far as how much space you'd save with smaller block sizes, that depends how well it matches with your files. You may have to experiment-- or at least start calculating your average file size so you can get a clue on a reasonable allocation size.

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