Where did my HDD capacity go?

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I have a built-in HDD in my new laptop, counted everything that is in it plus the free space and the sum is 726GB, but my HDD says that 913GB is usable (1TB HDD). So my question is, where is that missing space? Yes, I have it set to show invisible folders, too.


Thanks for help :)




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For anyone interested, if you have the same problem: HDD->Properties->Disk Cleanup->More Options->System Restore and Shadow Copies (Clean up...)

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Windows Explorer may not count files that it can not access, since it's running under your account with your access rights. We're talking about 187 GB, though, which would be a lot of system files. Did you already perform a disk cleanup, including system files?


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If you use tools to erase, such as "Eraser" then the data is encrypted and hidden on your system such as "Carbon Copy lossy encrypt assign never erase region", known as "CCleaner". Encrypted and hidden, not erased.

Windows does the same with a hidden log of your ever action and data as compressed and hidden files, If you want an example, check the size of the "User" folder, then check the size of the folders in Dell Backup and Recovery. about 4GB on mine / with all the folders being less than 1GB. Strangely windows updates do not allow the PC to reveal this to the user. Try GParted or other Live OS environments and let me know what you learn.

On XP i never had an OS partition greater than 20GB and that lasted for 2 years at a time.
Every operating system i have contact with is less than < 1GB. So what the heck is all that other data?, hidden scratch pads?, on a Journal'ing HDD file structure? Despite what you see, all data moves to a new space on the HDD, that is what NTFS and most of those standards do. I noticed it when looking at firewall logs.

Windows itself is a Micro Kernel (<32MB) and Monolithic Duplicate kernel = Hybrid OS.

Android on my 8 CPU T-Mobile gaming phone is < 512MB,
Android with NSA SELinux wrapper is 14.11GB on Shield Tablet (9GB OS kernal, 5GB of hijacked OS protect space)
Have a peek, before it is "updated"

I have no idea what the greater than 512MB region of all the operating systems is about?
Why don't you look into it .... seriously. Confirm it with your eyes and not with rumors.
= <- this is what SELinux really looks like.
Make sure you backup the NSA image. It does not show up in most searches in Google for SELinux.

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