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Crucial Mx100 or M550 which to go for

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Hi there

I was wanting the best drive for my server as I want the best boot times for windows 7 pro as windows is to problematic waking from sleep as I have a lot of drives in there.

so I have been looking into some crucial drives as I have had them in the past and are a good drive but I can not make my mind up in which one to buy the Mx100 256gb or the M550 128gb.

I know the size is different but it seems the 128gb mx100 is a lot slower and the 256gb version is nearly the same specs as the 128gb m550 drive but I still don't know which drive is the better drive for speed and performance as I need a real fast boot drive as it takes 1min and 5 sec from power of to windows 7 on a normal hardrive.

thanks for any info and help


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I say go for the 256 GB MX100. The extra space will come in handy at some point; it always does. Sure, there are even faster SSDs - but I don't think you're rebooting your server often enough for a few seconds to be worth the added cost. Better save the money now and upgrade to a PCIe (M.2) based drive later on, when they're readily available.

BTW: if you're really concerned with boot time you should love Win 8.1, with regular boot and/or "suspend to disk". On my laptop the latter is about 4 times as fast with a typical RAM usage of 1 of 4 GB. The price difference between for a premium SSD compared to the MX100 can be as large as the price of a full Win licence...


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