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How does the Hitachi Deskstar compare to the Western Digital Blacks?

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I'm looking for a large hard drive ideally 5-6TB, and historically, I've preferred the WD Black series.

Anyways, apparently Hitachi Deskstar makes 6TB NAS hard drives:

Looking at the 6TB version:

Price in US is always cheaper :angry: , and it's gotten worse due to the Canadian dollar weakening as of late

Anyways, the only reviews I could find were these:

Performance looks pretty good (at least the 4TB one). The 6TB one I'm not sure of, but areal density is higher (703 Gb/in^2 vs 446). I think it's a 5 platter design (anyone put 6 platters in a non-HE drive?), with ~1.2 TB per platter? Only other thing of note is that they have a larger cache (128 vs 64 MB).

Does anyone have any experience with these hard drives? They look like a good buy, certainly better than the WD Green/Red 6TB or Seagate 6TB. I'm going to be using them on my desktop for video editing. How would they compare to the WD Black?

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