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PCIe SATA III Raid + Drive Cage with port multiplier

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I whish to build an home nas using my old dual opteron 285 Tyan s2895.

I need a drive cage with a port multiplier and 4TB support. (it is very hard to find)

I need also Raid card which supports 2-4 ports, port multipliers and 4TB drives.

Could you help ?


Giuseppe Chillemi

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Given how finicky port multipliers tend to be, I would buy the RAID controller and port multiplier from the same manufacturer, or make sure they're both on the manufacturer's approved hardware compatibility list.

How many drives are you looking at? Do you need actual hardware RAID or do you just need more SATA ports?

Given the power consumption that a pair of Opteron 285's sucks down, you might find an HP Microserver Gen 8 makes a lot more sense, or a Linux-based mdadm RAID based setup...

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