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Samsung Magician 4.5 - how to upgrade

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We've been seeing this pop up, which is timely because we're gathering data now on the Samsung SSD 850 Pro and 850 Evo with RAPID Mode enabled.

To upgrade to Magician 4.5, any machine with a prior version installed will immediately prompt the user to install the new 4.5 version. If not, you can download and install Magician 4.5 here.

What's New:

  • New model support : 840 EVO mSATA
  • RAPID mode is extended : 840 PRO, 840 EVO(2.5”, mSATA)
  • Windows 8.1 support
  • Providing Data security guideline
    • Data security informs the user about the current security feature settings and provides a guide for using the desired features.
    • User can choose class 0, TCG/Opal and Encrypted drive for one’s convenience
  • Fixing crash issue between Magician and SoftPerfect RAM Disk
  • Fixing auto-wake up issue during hibernation mode without user’s command

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