Very weird issue. PC hangs on read from drive(s). SMART 'OK'

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I just moved from Germany to the USA. I packed all my HDs in anti-static bubblewrap and into a pelican case.

Re-assembled my PC on arrival. All was well (or so I thought).

It seems that I have two drives that, when reading from them, the PC hard freezes. No blue screen, no debugging dump when I reboot..

One drive stores music, and a tip off is that it stutters, it seems the drive has trouble serving up an MP3, and eventually, after enough reads, the machine freezes.

I have tried 3 different SMART monitors, all say the drives are fine.. even after they lock up my pc.

Does this sound drive related or controller related? Any diagnostics I can run to isolate the issue?



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Switch drives between controller ports. See if the trouble follows the drives, or the ports they were plugged into. Also pay attention to the cables - a bad cable can muck things up too. So you may have to try a few different combinations to narrow it down.

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Check all internal cable connections to the mainboard since the machine was moved. I'd also try to test them on a different PC to eleminate all possible issues with the controller etc.

If it can not even serve an mp3 the drive seems to be in really bad trouble and may fail soon. Make sure you have decent backups.


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