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Opinion on the WD 6TB Green Drive?

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So my budget for a new drive is in the $250 range, and I've got a choice between the 4 TB Black and the 6 TB Green drives. Basically the only reason I would go for the black is the longer warranty, this is just going to be a storage drive so I don't care about the performance, I've got an SSD as a boot drive and for programs.

So my question is this: Is the better build quality and warranty of the black worth having 2 TB less?

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Well I ended up getting two 3TB Greens because they were on sale for only $78 each, for a total of $156 for 6TB vs $250 for one 6TB drive. I would have rather have had just one drive cause its easier to just have everything on one drive, but an almost $100 savings changed my mind on that.

So my question is this: is creating a spanned volume though the Windows 7 disk manager a good idea? Would be nice to have just one volume to store my files in.

EDIT: Did some further researching and fouind that if one of the two drives fails, all of the data is lost. Is this true? I thought that RAID 0 was the only case where if one drive fails, all of the data is lost.

I understand that if one of the drives failed, whatever data on that drive would obviously be lost. But if the other drive in the volume was still working, wouldn't you still be able to recover whatever was on that drive?

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The way the data is split is what makes it difficult.

Read into raid levels,

Only odd ball is unraid, it does it at the file system.

There's always a compromise regardless of hardware, software, level, mirroring, striping, parity, mirrored parity, mirrored striping, or striped parity?

More then one way to skin a cat.

If you have not important want performance, stripe them and go 6tb.

If you have hard to replace data, and don't use raid as backup, then mirror it.

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