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Corrupt LSI SAS 9260-16i

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I have a LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-16i RAID controller. Somehow it's become corrupted and now it the machine won't load the card on startup. The following message appears:

On-board expander FW or mfg image is corrupted.

Flash expander FW and mfg image using recovery tools.

This is before POST has completed so I can't boot the machine, load the BIOS or load the WebBIOS in order to try and flash the firmware.

It's running the latest version of the firmware (2.130.403-3066, package build 12.15.0-0189).

I've tried booting the machine with a good RAID card with the corrupt on in a second PCI but it still fails to load the corrupt card.

Any help appreciated!

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For starters, do you have a current backup of the array this card was powering? There isn't a great way to DIY fix this card if the ROM isn't even pushing through at boot. You could try switching the PCIe slot order to get a known working card to load first, but even at that point flashing the new firmware/bios is going to be tough. It will probably need to be RMA'd for a proper fix or a reach out to LSI's tech support to get the expander firmware and method to flash it.

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