Samsung 850 Pro, full disk encryption?

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Hello, I plan on using the Samsung 850 Pro for video capture and editing but also wanted to use the Full Disk, Hardware Encryption feature with it minimally affecting performance (especially writing). Any suggestions as to which mode to use as said by Samsung Magician (Class 0, TCG Opal, MS Encrypted Drive)? Also, can they all be activated with Windows already installed? Thanks!

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I assume TCG Opal is if you are using software that supports it, ditto for Microsoft Encrypted Drive (aka eDrive).

Anandtech in a semi-related article mentions it...

Smells like the 850 Pro hasn't actually been validated anywhere, although if you plan to use Windows 8.1's eDrive, then you'd want to set it into MS Encrypted Drive mode? (again, not sure...)

For TCG Opal, it's implied you'd want to use software that supports TCG Opal-- Anandtech implies that Wave and Winmagic would eventually do validation...

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