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Which NAS to buy?

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Which is the better option?

QNAP TS-870 Pro or TS-851 ?

Primary uses:

  • streaming home videos & movies (HD 5.1 Audio, 3D) via DLNA
  • accessing pictures, documents etc
  • backing up home PCs
  • For the forseeable future, 8 x 4Gb (24Gb usable) is probably enough space, so the expansion is prob not needed
  • transcoding on the fly from MKV or ISO to HD or iOS or Windows

Desirable Uses:

  • remote access via internet
  • 1-3 concurrent users

There's a cost differential, as the 870 is approx 50% more, but does have faster cpus.

But are there any other significant differencs?



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Have you looked at the DS415play from Synology? Only 4 bays but if you do a ton of media on a variety of devices, those units do pretty well there. Do you plan on needing 24GB right away or is that your expansion expectation?

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I have around 8Tb of media at the moment, and that's without backup of the household PCs, so I'd anticipate needing ~12Tb.

So I was thinking of an initial config of RAID 6 with 4+2 RAID, with 16Tb usable initially, leaving be another 2 bays free for expansion

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