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Adaptec Controller Issue

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Issue with Adaptec 5405 controller, Added new drive into slot 3 to expand array, (this drive is same model but bigger in size) followed these steps:

1. Right click on the drive to be added and select initialize.

2. Right click on the RAID controller and verify that the background consistency check is disabled.

3. Right click on the logical device to be changed.

4. Choose expand or change logical device.

5. Select the RAID level for the logical device, click next. In order to expand the capacity of an existing array, select the same RAID level.

6. Select the drive to add into the existing array and click next.

At first a second array was then added? I rebooted the server and that second array disappeared.

Now the array says degraded, "failed logical device segments" and "inconsistent controller"???

I have rinsed and repeated using the above instructions several times but get the same result.

There is a small firmware upgrade, I'm running 5-2-0 (16501) and could go to 5-2-0 (18948), but I'm not one to upgrade controller firmware’s unless it's absolutely a necessity.

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No idea, unfortunately-- aside from the (tired but true) adage that array expansion is dangerous and slow at best, so hope you hadi t backed up?

DId the controller firmware release notes say anything about the changes between the two? I know for some, there are significant stability updates to be had even if the release notes seem skimpy...

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