dell precision t7400 PERC 6/i raid 1 problem

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After a boot my raid 1 was degraded, and started syncing but gave an error on device 2 and started all over every time again.

So I replaced device 2.

After boot it started and finished syncing. And shows a status of 'optimal'.

But every time I reboot, the set comes up degraded, starts syncing until it is optimal again.

1) Could it be that disk 1 is bad as well?

2) Can I swap disk1 with disk2 (slots I mean), to see what happens, and will I not lose data?

3)What is the best approach to tackle this problem?

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Could be, can you pull disk monitoring tools on both to confirm? Could be something on the RAID card is broken too, may be worth checking for firmware or calling Dell to see if there's a known issue.

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