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Basic Concepts of a Storage system

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Hi ,

I am new to storage area I am testing some storage systems but am trying to understand the concepts.

I am using IOzone to test the system I have multiple pare maters on the storage side swell as test side which I can alter how ever i am trying to understand and align the parameters for some reasonable (expected) performance results

OK now while I am testing this storage system I am trying to understand these concepts here:

Filesystem and Storage Settings:

What is Segment size?

What is Stripe size ?

What is File system Block Size?

Test Settings:

What is Chunk Size?

How do I align all these parameters in a 60 disk storage system with what RAID 6? How many disks should I have in each volume?

If any one have best practices to test storage systems please point me or guide me in that direction. Is there a different testing tool i should be using ?

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It all really depends on what you're doing. There's not a one size fits all answer. If you can give more specifics on the workload we can probably give you some pointers.

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Sure, What I am looking here is do basic testing to identify the maximum performance I can obtain. I can give you an simple example of the current configuration i am trying to test it with but i need not stick with this i can have a parallel file system like GPFS with different pagepoool sizes. How ever I first want to have a basic understanding of these concepts which would help me understand what i am looking at.

60 drive Storage system (HDD-10K-1TB SAS drives)

XFS with default settings

File system Block size 1MB

Segment size 128KB (on storage system settings)

RAID 6 with 28 +2 drives (2 volumes)

Cache Mirroring Enabled and Disabled

Test Server Information :

12 Cores per server (2 servers)

32GB per server

The test work load : (IOZONE test)

Test Chunk sizes 1M, 2M, 4M , 8M
Test Threads 12, 24, 48 (Threads)

File size 10GB (per thread )

I am out of cache on this as each thread does 10 GB so if I am doing a 12 threads then we get 120 GB file size.

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