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Files Missing but still on the Hardrive

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my gf has an old WD external Hardrive that it still has its own power supply and big and bulky.
it is a 2 gig one and i use it to store my tv shows and its finnaly almost full .

Recently I have noticed things that i have copied to it seem to disapear and then when i re download them and copy them back across it says it cant copy as it already exists and do i want to replace them?

The Hardrive is almost full But i want to know a way to test this theory without checking lots of shows each time

but the computer I run the torrents on is old so i am wondering if that could be a issue ?
any help appreciated

How long do external hardrives lasts these days.
would a defrag of it help any info would be great

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External HDDs can last decades...well that may be a stretch but there's not an extra reason for them to fail under normal operating conditions. As to what's going on, hard to say, could be corruption, could be something else with the OS. Best bet is just to run detailed drive health report and see what the vendor's tools are saying.

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